Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tories, LibDems, DUP ... SNP ??

That got your attention, didn't it? Take a gentle stroll with me down a quaint little yellow-brick path in sleepy Thanet South.
It is the weekend after the Election. Let's assume Nate is right with his figures. We're all aglow with the arrival of the new Princess Diana Elizabeth Anne Carole.
That blasted Election is finally over. We didn't believe a word anyone said anyway. And so, we've quite forgotten what they did say.
All we do know is that David Cameron, as the sitting Prime Minister and still leader of the largest party in Parliament, is now trying to form a government. Good riddance. Get on with it, so we can get back to The Royal Baby.
We all know he'll do anything to cling to power. We don't much care. We might not have voted for him. But we were pretty much holding our noses whoever we voted for. Just keep creating jobs.
Now, we know the figures show Labour-LibDem-SNP as the most likely grouping to get a majority in Parliament. But we also know the LibDems won't work with SNP. Plus they're on record (whatever that's worth) as saying they would prefer to deal with the party with the most seats.
But then there's this strange niggle at the back of the mind. For someone who purportedly wanted to support Miliband, why did Nicola Sturgeon keep going out of her way to denigrate Miliband? And why was there that peculiar report about her telling this French geezer she preferred Cameron?
I mean, we all know Labour will never grant Scotland another independence referendum. If it were to go 'Yes,' Labour would be reduced to almost permanent second-class status in England.
So, what are we missing?
Hmm. Back to Cameron. Who's talking to the LibDems. And to DUP. And then we hear Cameron is going to make a serious announcement.
He does his grave visionary-look thing. And comes up with a formula. Could be a one-step, or a commission with a foregone conclusion, or an invitation to the Scottish Parliament.
But it boils down to this. He claims that he has to recognize the impact of SNP almost sweeping Scotland. And he's prepared to offer Scotland a second independence referendum, if they and the SNP ask for it.
Nate talks about messy. You work out the consequence of such an announcement ...