Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Attacks on SNP

You know, I too worry about the attacks on the SNP. It's not like Scotland suddenly came into existence only 10 days ago. Some of the UK's finest Parliamentarians and Ministers have come from Scotland.
But this time all the polls are indicating that the SNP may well sweep pretty much all of the Parliamentary seats in Scotland. Furthermore, the SNP have consistently argued that their ambition is independence for Scotland. And they are now boasting that they will use their new leverage at Westminster to do whatever it takes to achieve that ambition.
Actually, there is nothing wrong with that. To be honest, I support independence for Scotland. If the Scots want to send a cudgel-waving mob to Westminster, that is their right. Moreover, Westminster has an obligation to pay heed to what they say.
But that approach is a million miles removed from one of the parties in Westminster saying they will use the SNP to their own ends. Even if that damages the economy.
The Tories are not attacking Scotland or its people. They are attacking Labour and its tawdry scheming.