Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Labour, SNP, Oops ...

So. Let me get this right. Miliband is complaining that, by highlighting the fact that the SNP will likely enter into a Parliamentary arrangement with Labour, given the chance, in order to kick out the Tories, who are probably going to win the most seats. Cameron's warnings are a cynical attempt to do anything to achieve power?

Yet, announcing that Labour, even if it does not have the largest number of seats, will consider creating that formal arrangement, whereby maybe 50 some Scottish Westminster MP's will hold sway over some 500+ English Westminster MP's, this does not represent a cynical ploy to use any device to achieve power?

And moreover, that Miliband, by choosing to use a major campaign speech to address the issue of SNP, knowing that the speech will attract extensive media coverage, this isn't also 'talking up SNP'?

Glad we cleared that up. Sounds to me like a wee bit of Labour panic.

Meanwhile, along with Google, I prefer to spend 'Scottish Day' in the British media celebrating the famed 'sturgeon's photo' of the Loch Ness Monster.

Oops. Did I say 'sturgeon'? I meant 'surgeon.' Geddit? Sturgeon. Surgeon. Prehistoric dinosaur, forging ahead through calm waters, regardless. Oh why do I bother ... ??