Monday, August 28, 2017

Tories, Neo-Liberalism and the Conservative Co-operative Movement

Oh look. The British Conservative Party does have thinkers. The linked to magazine is for those more towards the center of the Party. I’m always taken with what Jesse Norman has to say (Page 27). He comes from a banking background. But he realized quite early on that the economic model used by all major political parties in the UK, and by the UK Treasury, was totally broken. It treated people as predictable economic agents. Rather than the unpredictable a**holes we all are.
His general thinking is that the solution is to devolve as much decision-making process as possible to the people in all aspects of life. He is one of the prime supporters within the Conservative Party of mutualism. Established the Conservative Co-operative Movement (of which I am a founding member. And supports the concept of co-operative provision of both private and public services, including health care and education.
Now, while we’re on the subject of old economic models, and alternative Tory thinking, let’s include a handy history of what is currently still regarded as ‘traditional’ Tory economic thinking – neo-liberalism. All good background wonkdom …

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