Monday, August 28, 2017

'Maggie's Hammer': Thatcher, Miners, Poverty, Arms

A heart-rending description in today’s (London) Observer newspaper of poverty in the former coalfields of Northern England. So many to blame. So much to do. And so few driven even to try.
The tragic irony is that the Tories are now reaping the ‘benefit.’ For we were the ones who devastated the mining communities with our war on the unions in the Eighties. Not a proud moment in my life.
The article reminds us of the toxic danger of ignoring the long-term consequences of short-term political gain. And recalls for me the personal shame of having looked the other way.
It was the evisceration of British industry which served as the trigger for the massive corruption of the British body politic with arms bribes. As first Margaret Thatcher, and later her successors, of all political hue, sought to replace the lost industry with arms manufacture.