Friday, July 24, 2015

Historic UK Child Abuse, Cover-Up Admission, My Book

I read this morning an article in the London Guardian about British Home Secretary, Theresa May, refusing to answer questions about MI5's failure to act on MP pedophile fears.

I am increasingly convinced that, as awful is the horror of pedophilia of any description, and especially if it was and is undertaken by leading political figures in the UK, the British establishment in general, and British Intelligence in particular, have been engaged in covering up historic child abuse by members of the establishment, not so much because of the embarrassment of the abuse itself, but because exposure of the networks supporting such abuse would lead to revelation of associated networks supporting all manner of establishment sin, including but not limited to the networks arranging illicit arms deals, and funneling commissions and kickbacks to the same establishment and intelligence service members.

[And there's a sentence for the ages!]

Even more interesting thoughts arise when reading an associated article in the London Independent. If one reads between the lines, it appears that the UK Cabinet Office is essentially admitting that it HAS covered up sensitive matters, in order to avoid embarrassment to the British body politic. That it has done so by disappearing important documents. That it has now been ordered to sort these documents, and release at least some. And that David Cameron may have decided it's time for all this to come out.

Hmm. I'm definitely sending him a copy of the book, and asking him to release the files on my mate, Hugh Simmonds ...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Universe, My Book And British National Security

There is an article in this morning's London 'Independent' newspaper with the headline: "Northern Ireland authorities refuse to reveal details of paedophile with links to former government adviser on national security grounds".

The article underscores how the connections between the evolving revelations about high-level corruption within the British body politic are increasingly complex, and yet rendered tremendously simple if you read my book.

The article confirms how the corruption of British Intelligence began in the Eighties. When it simply decided that its primary function was not the protection of the state, but rather its subversion. So as to make money. Through activities like arms dealing and hiring itself out as America's surrogate covert operations executive. And how this corruption began in Northern Ireland.

The article further underlines how this corruption then spread to the British mainland through a series of interlinking high-level networks. How it infiltrated the entirety of the British establishment. Turning the City of London into a money-laundering center. And a succession of British governments into glorified gun-runners.

[And by the way, three paragraphs in a row beginning 'The article.' Clearly my writing skills are improving ... ]

Folks have wondered why there are reports of British Intelligence wanting to cover up revelations about high-level pedophile rings. The answer, in my opinion, is not so much the pedophile activity itself, but rather that the networks are so inter-connected that exposure of one will lead to the uncovering of the others.

I am not surprised to read that 'the authorities' are refusing to talk about pedophile activity on the grounds of 'national security.' With respect to my own investigation into the mysterious death of my friend Hugh Simmonds, I came up against a similar dichotomy.

On the one hand, the police, the Law Society and the government swore up hill and down dale that Hugh was just a simple failed lawyer, failed politician and failed businessman, who got greedy, got caught and took the easy way out.

And yet, two British Prime Ministers, through their Principal Private Secretaries, on no less than five occasions, specifically refused to talk about Hugh's activities on the grounds of national security - see above pic.

The universe is a funny old thing. And tragic as well. It has taken me 27 years of hard slog, dangerous face-to-face encounters and painstaking research to put together the seemingly simple explanation of tragic and complex interactions described in this small post.

And then, at the very moment I am about to be published, the dam bursts, and revelations aplenty appear left, right and center, underpinning the central claims of my book.

A former Home Office Minister in Great Britain takes up the cause. And introduces me to one of the award-winning journalists who first broke the story about historic establishment child abuse in the UK, and who is now planning to write an article about my book for a national UK newspaper.

Score one for justice. And two for the universe. Huh. That''s it really. One big, fat huh ...

Thursday, July 09, 2015

My Book, Northern Ireland, Shoot To Kill

An article in this morning's London Guardian newspaper underlines why it is important to learn about events from 30 years ago, in order to understand what might be happening around us now.

Details of an alleged criminal conspiracy by MI5 back in the Eighties to obstruct one of the most sensitive murder inquiries of the 30 years of conflict in Northern Ireland have been exposed following the emergence of key sections of a previously secret police report on the affair

My book, Maggie's Hammer, describes how British Intelligence began its interference in political and governance matters in the late Sixties and early Seventies, through its activities in Northern Ireland.

BI became disillusioned with the way in which first the socialist British government of Harold Wilson, and then the socialistic government (as they saw it) of Conservative British Prime Minister Edward Heath, were handling the pacification of Northern Ireland.

So, they pretty much took matters into their own hands. This culminated in the alleged policy of shoot-to-kill in the Eighties, now proven by this previously secret report. The fuller details of shoot-to-kill can be found in a supplementary Guardian article.

Following interference in Northern Ireland, BI got adventurous, and began wholesale intervention in political affairs on the British mainland. My book details how Margaret Thatcher came to power with considerable intelligence assistance. And then returned the favor. Tripling the intelligence budget and giving the intelligence services carte blanche to do whatever they wanted in order to raise funds any other way they saw fit.
The latter remit, among other activities, led to all manner of involvement in the Eighties in illicit arms deals, and to the co-opting of the intelligence services, often with the open support of Thatcher, as a worldwide surrogate for US clandestine operations.

If there was a part of the world where then President Reagan and Vice President Bush wanted dirties done, away from Congressional oversight, and the price was right, then the British military and intelligence services were at their disposal, as glorified global mercenaries: killing Soviets in Afghanistan, assassinations in the Lebanon, whatever.

In addition, Britain, and especially London, became the first port of call for any nation, non-state paramilitary grouping, criminal organization, whoever, requiring mercenaries, finance or logistical support. And that is still the case today.

It is also the case that the UK continues to act as surrogate global dirty tricks meister for the US, as evidenced in an essay by noted US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh (who appears in my book), published by the London Review of Books.

I end my book with this admonition: if you want to understand what is going on in the world today, be it the War on Terror, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Israel, international arms dealing, money laundering, or the surveillance culture in both the US and the UK, then use my book as a roadmap. It starts in the Eighties, and then follows the personalities and the money forward to now. It all connects.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

WCHL - 2nd Carrboro Community Forum On Policing

Well. WCHL, Carrboro/Chapel Hill's News, Talk and Tar Heels radio station, once again invited me to offer a 'Commentary.' This time, my reflections on the Carrboro, NC Community Forum on Policing held on June 29. The broadcast went out yesterday. If you missed it, you can hear my dulcet tones here.

Now, bless their eternal hearts. Their heading on the WCHL site is 'Community policing in Carrboro - It’s a good concept.' Oh dear. Which only serves to underline how difficult it is to understand a simple concept, sometimes precisely because it is simple.

I am not advocating for community policing. For policing by the community. Policing is a complex undertaking, which requires years of training and experience. No. I am advocating that, in order to be certain that the manner of the policing undertaken has the fullest support of the community, the policing approach itself is designed and monitored jointly by the police and the community they serve.

I am advocating citizen design of policing, not community policing. But. No matter. It will take time for the concept to take hold. If you want to know a tad more about what citizen design is, and why I think it will work, well, listen to the podcast. The text of which is below:

"The Second Carrboro Community Forum on Policing on June 29 was a success. A lot of very different views were expressed. People went away frustrated, anxious and despondent because there was next to no meeting of minds. But they were all determined to come back and continue the process. That was the success.

I was very encouraged that no less than six police officers attended, and almost all contributed. This is good.

It is my opinion that citizen design of policing will only be meaningful if it is an equal and respectful conversation between police, elected officials from their funding agency (the Board of Aldermen) and concerned citizens. And that conversation will only be meaningful if it includes an articulate police presence.

In the meantime, the Carrboro police, if Monday evening was an indication, are worried. And defensive. Not unlike many good police departments across the nation, they feel offended that the years of training and experience and good policing that they feel they can evidence is not immediately, honestly and fully acknowledged and supported.

I, for one, do openly acknowledge the extraordinary, complex and difficult job undertaken by police at the behest of our community. But that is the point, both in Carrboro, and across America, police are public employees undertaking their job at the behest of the community, and with its consent. We are entitled to revisit that behest and that consent.

But how on earth can civilians possibly know what is involved in proper policing? We don’t have to. The only requirement for citizens to discuss the policing approach in their community is how they want to be policed. Period.

But why should citizens design the policy for the police department when they seek no interest in doing so for transport departments or the fire service? Because planning officials don’t carry guns, tasers and handcuffs, that’s why.

What do police get out of this new process? Renewed respect from and the trust of all in the community.

So, to the next steps. Again, speaking personally, I do not want any more forums which are simply show ’n tell sessions with the Police Chief. I want us to start moving towards working agendas, where we all proactively begin the process of reviewing, designing and monitoring policing policy in Carrboro. To that end, I proposed a motion, which received qualified support. And I invited all police officers to vote. They are citizens, too. Never forget that. The motion:

"This meeting of concerned Carrboro citizens believes that, henceforth, policing policy in Carrboro should be designed by the elected officials of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, in conjunction with the Carrboro Police Department, and that such design should take place in an open and transparent manner, involving those concerned Carrboro citizens who wish to participate."

I will be meeting further with Carrboro Aldermen. I will be advocating for more regular forums, and for agendas to specify policy areas to be discussed.

My friends, this process is going to take time to implement. People are wary. Naturally. But, we’re still talking. And that eventually will lead to the trust that will be required to give meaning to the concept of citizen design of policing."

[And if you are wondering why the weird pics, well, today would have been the 114th birthday of Eiji Tsuburaya, one of the co-creators of the original Godzilla series. Thought I'd set everything in context ... ]

Sunday, July 05, 2015

International Terror Network

Just read an article referring to a book called Gomorrah, written by one Roberto Saviano. In the article, Roberto claims that London is now the global money-laundering center for the world's drug trade. Hmm.

Close, Roberto, but not quite. London is, in fact, the global money-laundering center for just about all world-wide nefarious activity, from drugs, through terror, to arms deals.

Not only that, but, because of its tolerance of para-political refugees, its lax finance controls, and ease of access to Europe, London is the place to initiate or negotiate all manner of covert military activity, from your occasional coup d'etat, to full-blown servicing of the US War on Terror.

This didn't begin in the Eighties, but it advanced by leaps and bounds in that decade. As the US determined seriously to end the Soviet Empire, with whatever it took, covert and overt. And all manner of collateral naughties got underway. From Iran-Contra, to supporting the mujahideen in Afghanistan, to the US delegating much of its sensitive and bloody covert operations to the Brits, in order to avoid Congressional oversight.

The whole underground network took a breather in the Nineties. But re-awoke with a fury in the Noughts, when Bush declared his War on Terror, and determined that, for the most part, it would be fought under the radar, and by private security firms, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. Making what occurred in the Eighties look like amateur day at the Mother's Union.

It was and is on the back of that WoT global network that all manner of other criminal activity has piggy-backed. And the legitimate authorities turn a blind eye, Roberto, for two reasons:

First, the legitimate authorities are encouraging mainstream banks to shield the money-laundering associated with the WoT. You can't expose the associated criminality without revealing the WoT activity. Besides, the way this works, the way it has always worked with covert operations, the one is very often undertaken by the other. You hire deniable criminals for covert ops. Which, in order to avoid scrutiny, are often financed by criminal activity.

Secondly, whether or not the banks concerned are legally making donations to political parties, the primary reason politicians are not making a fuss about money-laundering is that investigation would also uncover the huge traffic in illicit political kickbacks to individual politicians.

And. If you want to know more, join the queue to buy a copy of The Book at the end of August. To be fair to Roberto, he has part of the jigsaw puzzle. Maggie's Hammer deals with the rest ...