Thursday, December 21, 2006

What do I want to do?

My first book, Dead Men Don't Eat Lunch raises all sorts of questions about the mysterious death of my good mate, Hugh Simmonds CBE, who among other things was also Margaret Thatcher's favourite speechwriter.

I believe that those questions paint a trail that leads all the way to arms corruption in both the Conservative and New Labour parties. If you don't want to wade through the book (which would be a pity - you'd be missing a good yarn), go to my web-site ( and get a summary of the allegations.

Now, I would be the first to admit that I raise more questions than answers. Heck, I'm a one man band, and it's taken me 18 years to get this far - which is further than all of the mainstream press and front-line political blogs combined.

What I want to do now is to return to England for at least two years, so that I can take all of those questions to the appropriate people, and start to get the answers. How? Same way I did it first time round. Just get in their face.

Thing is, I need support to execute this exercise. I need a commission from a publisher, newspaper or television; a grant from a foundation; a job that augments the investigative work; someone to prove I'm the father of Anna Nicole's baby - something.

So, if you read this, and have a creative solution, don't be shy - drop me a line. Be a part of history. Prove that ordinary citizens, like you and me, can make a difference against entrenched interests.


Will Jackson said...

Hallo Geoff

My question is: did Hugh Simmonds know Gerald James? I remember talking to Gerald Howarth about this business (he was my MP). It is extremely murky, and as you correctly say, corruption - and certainly criminal. Yes, I am saying that Mrs Thatcher is a criminal -albeit with pragmatic motives. At one time I was an employee of Lord Hanson. I suspect that he was involved in this dodgy business, certainly. The link was Astra.

Geoff Gilson said...

Blimey Will, where to start? I think the first thing I would say is: read the book. It has all the answers in depth. Don't be embarrassed about just downloading an electronic copy for a buck - I get the same amount of royalty!

Yes, Hugh knew Gerald. They came from the same right-wing mish-mash that brought Margaret Thatcher to the Leadership of the Tories, and who were then abandoned by her as she went mainstream. Folks like the Monday Club, Freedom Association, and so on.

You may think the sun shines out of parts of Howarth, so I'll pick my words with care. Hmm. No I won't. He's an unreconstructed Nazi.

Literally. The reason Hugh knew him is that, as a solicitor, Hugh gave Howarth and Neil Hamilton advice when they wanted to sue BBC 'Panorama' for a programme they did claiming the two had links to Nazi-type organizations in the Seventies.

It is from that same period that Hugh was also known to Gerald James. I was in contact with James for a while. I have no idea how to contact him now. I was put onto him by a journalist called Kevin Cahill. It was Kevin who gave me the context for understanding what the Tories were doing raising funds from dicky arms' commissions.

According to Gerald, when he was floating around the Monday Club in the Seventies, hanging out with the likes of former right-wing intelligence officers such as George Young (not to be confused with Sir George Young, a sometime friend of my efforts), he knew of Hugh. Described him as a young turk, lurking around in the murky world, somewhere between City money, politics and intelligence.

When I went to James for some help in about 2001, he poked about a bit, came up with some interesting connections between Hugh and arms-dealing, and names such as Anglo-Israeli Shipping. Kevin then contacted me and told me that he didn't scare easily, but that someone "who had credibility" had told him to back off. Never heard from James or Kevin again. Despite repeated spamm...I mean, chasing. Story of my investigation: people trying to scare me or my contacts.

Don't know about Hanson per se, but my Israeli contact tells me that you only understand the Eighties, and what has happened since, if you understand that it was never about arms or politics or oil - it was about money. Pure and simple. And everyone was in on the game - still is. There's too many conflicts, post-Communism, and too much money to be made from selling arms. Whether legitimate sales or illegitimate. Even if selling to both sides.

It was all about money. Whether you were Lord Goldsmtih, Al-Fayed, Ashcroft, Tories, Likud, Chirac, Peres or Blair - it was money. And Thatcher - bless her heart - was not averse to dirtying her hands, too.

And along comes The Boy David. Promising to modernise everything. Everything but the machine and the channels that keep the money flowing into Tory coffers.

That's why Alan Duncan is heir to Trade and Industry. Where, like Alan Clark before him, he will be responsible for the Export Credit Guarantee Programme, which is oh-so-necessary to grease the wheels of arms-selling to the less-than-credit-worthy arms buyers. Think of it as Sub-Prime Arms Dealing...

Alan Duncan is the heir to Jonathan Aitken as money-middleman on arms deals for the Saudi Princes. Aitken had to hand over when he lost all credibility going to prison for perjury. Can't exactly count the commissions for the Arabs when you're playing girlfriend to some Greaser in Vauxhall - or wherever it was.

Of course, Aitken had to take care of New Labour, too. The original money channels through the Bank of England were tailored for the Tories and the "Savoy Mafia." But there's no point in doling out lolly to the Tories when it's New Labout in power. So, a whole new money structure was set up, based on the Robert Maxwell connection - with whom Hugh also did business. And you thought it was just 'murky'!

So it was that Aitken made introductions to the Saudi's for Geoffrey Robinson (who was the dirty money connection between Maxwell and New Labour: note all the Mandelson money scandals and Wafic Said) and for the Maxwell sons, who did the ongoing bagman job, a la Aitken and Duncan.

Head spinning yet...?

That's why Liam Fox got his seeming 'demotion' to Defence. Not a 'demotion' at all. The Grey Men did a deal when Davis stumbled. They let The Boy and Liam in on the arms' money secret, and told them that they would only ever see Leadership if they co-operated. 'Co-operation' meant that the winner would stay out of the way of continued corruption, and the 'loser' would be head of the corruption machine. He wouldn't actually get to run it. But by being at its head, he would share guilt by association, and be unlikely to blow the whistle in the future.

So, who will run the machine when the Tories get back to power? Look a little further down the Defence ladder: Julian Lewis, and yup, you guessed it - your friend, Gerald Howarth. Up to his neck in it.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying: Go right ahead and enjoy the man's sherry when you see him. Because it's likely to be all you will get out of him.

I hope some of this has been useful. For the rest, read the book. And do not give up hope. Just because the UK body politic is rotten to the core, does not mean that it is beyond saving. And if you get some help, and would like to share some of it my way, feel free. I'm one man and a dog, without the dog. So, i can use all the help I can get! Surprises the living bejesus out of me that I've got this far!

And also feel free to pass any of this along to anyone else who might be able to use it and bring us closer to nirvana. I have no ego about this. I just want the truth out...

Having said which, back to tilting at windmills!