Thursday, December 21, 2006

The BBC D-Notice

My "rollercoaster" began in March 1989 with a claim by journalist Chris Hutchins, then of The Today newspaper, that he had been told by a producer of BBC Newsnight that 15 minutes of a half-hour slot on Simmonds had been D-Noticed.

I asked Chris to confirm the details of the D-Notice with the producer. Chris came back to me very confused and surprised. He told me that the producer had totally changed his story. He was now saying not only that there was no D-Notice, but that he'd never said there was one.

Years later, I discovered from a source in British Intelligence that the D-Notice was most probably Category A, under which both the material and the D-Notice itself are D-Noticed. Very heavy stuff.

One of the first things I will be doing on my return to England is tracking down the BBC producer in question. Unless he wants to come forward, and put up a post on this blog...? Does this ring bells with any of you out there?

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Anonymous said...

we all have the internet to open our eyes...but what is your point in creating this article.It can not be if you what to open the eyes of strangers hen you should look to zeitgeist.

and life moves on....zzzzz