Thursday, May 14, 2015

Parliamentary Transition

A little known fact concerning British Parliamentary elections. There is no transition period. The election was last Thursday. On Friday, LibDem Ministers resigned en masse. Bright and early this morning, newly-elected MP's arrived to take possession of desks which should have been cleared out by losing occupants over the weekend. As and when new Ministers are appointed (and that has been happening in a steady stream since last Friday), they also expect to arrive at their Departmental desks, and find them cleared and ready.

So. A quick shout-out. Which will likely be worth next to nada. To those clearing desks. Of all political persuasion. Thank you for your service. For those arriving, have a heart. Maybe find something pressing to do for a few more hours? There are many MP's for whom the position was not just an expenses claim; it was a vocation, an opportunity to make life better for their fellow citizen. Remember that.

As for the pic? It is of a bunch of the new Conservative intake. I'm not sure if he is in the photo. But that intake includes Facebook Friend, Mike Wood, the new MP for Dudley South, and for whom I am still tickled and delighted. As I am for all of his constituents. Who made a fabulous choice. From the little I know of Mike, he will serve every last one of his constituents with honor, diligence and humility. Good luck to us all!