Sunday, April 16, 2017

Deluded Losers

I link to what I regard as an appalling article, from the former Editor of The London Guardian.
We elected Donald Trump. We voted for Brexit. We discover it is not just Russians bombing the Middle East and killing civilians. Martin McGuinness did what he did. Khalid Masood did what he did. And behind all of these events are people who acted for reasons.
As human beings, we judge. But. If we want things to change, we have to move beyond the judgment, and understand the reasons. Understanding requires what Preston reviles as 'the oxygen of publicity.'
It is my God-given right to think any way I choose. To express those opinions however I want. And to act upon them in any manner that is legal.
But when you are the former Editor of a respected news outlet, and you are read by many, there is an especial responsibility upon you to recognize your outsized contribution to that 'oxygen of publicity' (certainly outsized compared to you or me), and to act accordingly.
It is my undersized but considered opinion that, with this article, Preston acted like a narrow-minded pig.