Friday, July 24, 2015

Historic UK Child Abuse, Cover-Up Admission, My Book

I read this morning an article in the London Guardian about British Home Secretary, Theresa May, refusing to answer questions about MI5's failure to act on MP pedophile fears.

I am increasingly convinced that, as awful is the horror of pedophilia of any description, and especially if it was and is undertaken by leading political figures in the UK, the British establishment in general, and British Intelligence in particular, have been engaged in covering up historic child abuse by members of the establishment, not so much because of the embarrassment of the abuse itself, but because exposure of the networks supporting such abuse would lead to revelation of associated networks supporting all manner of establishment sin, including but not limited to the networks arranging illicit arms deals, and funneling commissions and kickbacks to the same establishment and intelligence service members.

[And there's a sentence for the ages!]

Even more interesting thoughts arise when reading an associated article in the London Independent. If one reads between the lines, it appears that the UK Cabinet Office is essentially admitting that it HAS covered up sensitive matters, in order to avoid embarrassment to the British body politic. That it has done so by disappearing important documents. That it has now been ordered to sort these documents, and release at least some. And that David Cameron may have decided it's time for all this to come out.

Hmm. I'm definitely sending him a copy of the book, and asking him to release the files on my mate, Hugh Simmonds ...