Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Israeli Intelligence Review of My Book

Great news on the book front. My Israeli Intelligence source, who is something of a controversial figure himself in the world of politics, intelligence and publishing, and with whom I have been playing all manner of games these past 22 years, has signed off this morning on the following quote to be placed on the outside cover of the book:

"In the Eighties, Margaret Thatcher ... attempted dramatic
ally to rebuild British industry by rapidly expanding [UK] arms sales. In this regard, the [British] Conservative Party sold arms to Iraq, with help from Israel. And the Labour Party, with Robert Maxwell, sold arms to Iran. [Hugh Simmonds] was one of a team who laundered the political kickbacks from such sales."

Bearing in mind one of the primary contentions of my book is that political kickbacks associated with UK arms sales continue to this day, built upon the foundations laid in the Eighties, it is my hope that such a quote might draw some attention to the book, and encourage a couple of MP's to start asking serious questions in the House of Commons.

This will be my focus with the book this coming summer, the book itself being sent to the printers at the end of June, with formal launch due at the end of August. Hmm. Fingers crossed. I mean, it's only taken 27 years to get this far ...